Appendix Modifying the SYSTEM.INI File

This appendix describes the settings used in the SYSTEM.INI. The SYSTEM.INI file contains all of the editable information used by the Pen Application Program-ming Interface (API). All other system information concerning the Pen API version 2.0 is maintained in the Windows 95 system registry and will not require modifica-tion except by using the Control Panel Pen icon after Pen Services for Windows 95 is installed.

It is also unlikely that you will manually edit the pen entries in SYSTEM.INI in the Windows 95 environment. A setup information file (PENWIN.INF) provided by Microsoft contains the script that Windows 95 Setup uses to install Pen Services for Windows 95 as an optional system component. This script adds the entries shown in the table below to the SYSTEM.INI file. The one SYSTEM.INI entry that you may want to edit manually after Pen Services is installed is the level of non-critical errors reported. For this, you will have to manually edit the PenWinErrors entry in the [boot] section of SYSTEM.INI, using one of the values shown in the table below.

In versions of Windows previous to Windows 95, pen services were removed from a system by manually editing the SYSTEM.INI file and deleting the entries shown in the table below. This should not be done with Windows 95. Use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs icon to remove Pen Services for Windows 95. This will automatically delete all the Pen Services entries from SYSTEM.INI.

The following table lists the pen-related entries for SYSTEM.INI

SYSTEM.INI Entry Made at Installation Time
Section name.
drivers=pen penwindows
Defines installable drivers.
Determines the level of non-critical errors displayed.
0 = show no errors or warnings.
1 = show errors only.
2 = show errors and warnings.
Section name.
Sets the pen driver.
Pen API library.

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