Architecture of the Pen API

The seemingly simple step of getting data from the pen to an application involves many intermediate tasks. Fortunately, the Pen API itself takes on the major share of this work. By providing applications with convenient access to pen features, the Pen API insulates the programmer from the most tedious aspects of pen data recognition. At the same time, its flexible design allows applications to control most of the low-level processes of pen input.

As you read this section, keep in mind that the complexities of the Pen API architecture in no way imply a corresponding difficulty in creating pen-based programs. You will find that writing intelligent pen-based software is no more difficult than writing other applications for Microsoft Windows.

Figure 1.1 illustrates the interaction between applications and the main components of the Pen API.

The following four sections describe each component of Figure 1.1, beginning with the main Windows component. Each section contains a figure that incorporates Figure 1.1, exploding the component into a detailed view. The accompanying text describes the component and explains how it interacts with the other components.

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