Chapter 10 Pen Application Programming Interface Functions

In the second paragraph, the phrase "for example, 1.0 or 2.0" should read "for example, 1.x or 2.0."

  • The CWR_KKCONVERT constant has been removed from the dwFlags parameter of the CorrectWriting function. Also, in the same function, the final sentence has been changed as follows:

    Note that in the Japanese version, CorrectWriting is supported but internally calls CorrectWritingEx, which opens a Data Input Window.

    • The first sentence of the CorrectWritingEx funtion has been changed:

    Sends text to the Japanese Data Input Window to allow the user to edit text. (Japanese version only.)

    In the description of the lpText parameter of CorrectWritingEx, the phrase "and gets modified by the user" has been appended to the second sentence.

    • In the description of the cbText parameter, the second sentence should read as follows:

    If the source of the text is an edit control that is constrained by EM_LIMITTEXT, cbText should be set to the limiting size plus one.

    • In the Example of CompactWritingEx, the second-to-last code block has been changed.

    // don't update most-recently used settings for this one-shot:

    cwx.wApplyFlags |= CWXA_NOUPDATEMRU;

    cwx.ixkb = CWXK_QWERTY;


    cwx.dwFlags = CWX_NOTOOLTIPS | CWX_TOPMOST; // no distractions

    • In the GetHotspotsHRCRESULT function, the final sentence of the first Comments paragraph has been changed.

    The Microsoft Handwriting Recognizer (GRECO.DLL in US, RODAN.DLL in Japan), supports this function for gesture symbols only.

    • In the GetPenAppFlags function, the three references to the RegisterPenApp function have been changed to SetPenAppFlags.

    • The GetPenResource function has been added.

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