Chapter 3 The Writing Process

The second introductory paragraph has been changed, as follows:

The writing process includes the various ways a user can write input to a pen-based application. These involve not only writing words and scribbling figures with a pen, but also gesturing with predefined pen movements and tapping an on-screen keyboard or Data Input Window.

  • The following Note has been added as the final item in "The hedit Control" section.

Note The Microsoft Japanese Handwriting Recognizer (RODAN.DLL) does not support "free input" into hedit controls. An application should either use a BEDIT control or provide access to the Data Input Windowpics/PENAPI00090001.gifwith a Lens button, for example.

  • Figure 3.1 has been renumbered as 3.1a, and a new piece of art (Figure 3.1b) has been added.

Japanese characters typically use large, separated boxes, often with a small cross at the center of each as a writing aid:

  • The version number in the first sentence of the third paragraph in the "bedit Control Messages"section has been changed.

The EM_LIMITTEXT message deserves special mention because it has changed slightly from version 1.x of the Pen API.

  • In the same section, a final bulleted item has been added to the ending list.

    • If limiting the text splits a double-byte character, the whole character is discarded.

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