Chapter 4 The Inking Process

Note the version change in this paragraph from the "Stroke Headers" section of "Data Within an HPENDATA Object."

As Figure 4.1 shows, a stroke header prefaces each collection of pen coordinates that make up a single stroke. Note that the structure of the stroke header in version 2.0 of the Pen API is different from the stroke header of version 1.x, since the stroke header now consists of a variable-length array instead of the STROKEINFO structure used in version 1.x. The current STROKEINFO structure is, nevertheless, compatible with version 1.x stroke headers.

  • Note the version change in the following Note from the "Creating an HPENDATA Object" section.

Note It is highly recommended that you use only the functions from version 2.0 of the Pen API. Although API from version 1.x are included for backward compatibility, it is not guaranteed that they will be supported in future versions of the Pen API.

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