Creates an inkset from parts of a recognition result.

HINKSET CreateInksetHRCRESULT( HRCRESULT hrcresult, UINT iSyv, UINT cSyv )



Handle of an HRCRESULT object.


Index to first symbol for inkset.


Count of symbols.

Return Value

Returns the handle of a newly created inkset if successful. If the index to the first symbol iSyv is invalid, or some other error occurs, the return value is NULL.


The inkset spans a series of continuous symbols; disjoint sets are not allowed. Before terminating, the calling application must destroy the HINKSET object by calling DestroyInkset.

If the range of symbols specified by iSyv + cSyv exceeds the number of symbols available, the returned inkset is valid only for available symbols. This is not an error, so it is possible to assign cSyv a large value to get an inkset for all symbols after iSyv.

For a description of inksets, see "The HINKSET Object" in Chapter 4, "The Inking Process."

See Also

, GetResultsHRC

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