Returns the handle to the HPENDATA object containing the pen data in the HRC.

HPENDATA CreatePenDataHRC( HRC hrc )



Handle to the HRC object.

Return Value

Returns a handle to the HPENDATA object if successful; otherwise, it returns NULL.


It is the responsibility of the caller to destroy the HPENDATA object.

A recognizer is not required to use or maintain OEM data; that is, a recognizer can choose to ignore some or all of the OEM data it receives from AddPenDataHRC or AddPenInputHRC. This means that the HPENDATA object the recognizer returns through CreatePenDataHRC may not contain all the OEM data originally provided by the application. Whether or not a recognizer uses the OEM data, it should store all such data it receives and forward it so that subsequent recognizers, if any, can use the data.

See Also

, AddPenDataHRC

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