Data Points

The data points associated with each stroke are initially tablet coordinates with a resolution of 0.001 inch and an origin at the upper left corner of the tablet. Tablets must report points in this scale regardless of their actual resolution. The Pen API provides functions to scale the points to other metric systems. It is not necessary for the data in an HPENDATA object to remain at a resolution of 0.001 inch.

If Windows is running in portrait mode, the tablet still reports coordinates with the upper left corner of the tablet corresponding to the current upper left corner of the display. The developer need not be concerned with the current orientation of the screen. The (0,0) coordinate of the Windows display always corresponds to (0,0) on the tablet.

The HPENDATA object can contain additional information supported by the pen device, such as pen pressure, angle, and rotation. The main header section of the HPENDATA object specifies how this additional information is stored in the stroke data areas for each data point. Internally, such data, which reflects original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware, is stored immediately following the block of coordinates for a stroke. This is called OEM data.

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