Destroying the HRC

The useful life of an HRC object usually expires when the recognizer returns results at the end of an input session. The next input session requires the creation of a new HRC. When finished with an HRC object, an application should destroy the object in two steps:

  1. Call DestroyHRC to free the occupied memory.

  2. Set the HRC handle to NULL.

For example:

HRC vhrc = NULL; // Set to NULL until HRC is created


. // Create and use the HRC


DestroyHRC( vhrc ); // Destroy the HRC when finished

  • hrc = NULL; // Handle is now invalid

When DestroyHRC returns, the handle value remains unchanged though no longer valid. The second step above prevents frustrating bugs arising from the inadvertent use of an invalid HRC handle.

This same advice applies to the other recognition objects, HRCRESULT and HWL. After calling DestroyHRCRESULT or DestroyHWL, always set the invalid handle to NULL.

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