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Initiates default handling of pen input.

int DoDefaultPenInput( HWND hwnd, UINT wEventRef )



Handle to the window initiating the default processing.


An identifier of a pen event in the input stream, from which input is begun. This identifier is the value returned from the GetMessageExtraInfo function.

Return Value

Returns one of the following values:

Pen collection was successfully started.
StartPenInput has already been called for this session.
The application aborted input.
Illegal parameter or unspecified error.
Invalid packet identifier.
Press-and-hold was detected. Collection is not started.
A pen tap was detected. Collection is not started.


simplifies the pen input process by including the following capabilities in a single call:

  • Starts pen input by calling StartPenInput

  • Starts inking by calling StartInking

  • Saves the screen background overwritten by the ink

  • Collects the pen input data

  • Stops inking by calling StopInking

  • Stops pen input by calling StopPenInput

  • Targets the pen input data to windows

  • Recognizes results

  • Sends the recognition results to the targets

The default processing proceeds in three phases: initialization, data gathering, and termination. A set of submessages corresponds to each of the three phases.

  • During the initialization phase, the system sends the WM_PENEVENT sub-message PE_SETTARGETS and potentially several PE_GETPCMINFO and PE_GETINKINGINFO messages. After the target or the DefWindowProc function handles these messages and returns a value of PCMR_OK to indicate success, the data-gathering phase begins.

  • During the data-gathering phase, the window specified by the hwnd parameter starts to receive the core pen-input submessages PE_PENDOWN, PE_PENUP, and PE_PENMOVE. The window should let these submessages fall through to DefWindowProc, which translates them into the higher-level messages PE_BEGINDATA and PE_MOREDATA. These are sent to one of the windows specified in the htrgTarget members of the TARGET structures if targeting is in progress; otherwise, the messages are sent to hwnd.

  • The termination phase begins when the pen input terminates. The target window should let the core termination messages PE_TERMINATING and PE_TERMINATED fall through to DefWindowProc. The PE_ENDDATA, PE_RESULT, and PE_ENDINPUT submessages are sent by DefWindowProc while processing PE_TERMINATED.

A return value of LRET_ABORT to any of the WM_PENEVENT submessages aborts the entire process of default input.

See Also

WM_PENEVENT, StartPenInput, StartInking, StopPenInput, StopInking

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