Don't Rely on Gestures

In a well-designed pen application, all operations are possible without gestures. The application may support gestures as shortcuts, but should not sacrifice common operations for the sake of the gesture.

Gestures also tend to remain a hidden (or "nondiscoverable") functionality, which the novice user often does not guess at. Gestures should facilitate the experienced user without hampering the uninitiated.

Action handles provide the same benefits as gestures. Moreover, they are more discoverable and reliable, since they do not require recognition.

Every pen application should, at minimum, support the cut and lasso gestures. Anything else is at the discretion of the developer. Incidentally, usability tests have found that a common gesture among novice users is to scribble over an entry to erase or undo it. An intelligent application should respond to such unknown gestures and display a polite inquiry, listing possible alternative actions that the user can select by tapping.

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