Pen computers are ideal for filling out electronic forms. Forms applications can achieve superior handwriting recognition for several reasons:

  • The bedit control with its built-in guides serves perfectly in many if not all the writing sections of a form.

  • Because each writing window of an electronic form often expects input of a certain type, the forms application can constrain recognition to that type. For example, an application can restrict recognition to numerals for a control window that expects a telephone number.

  • Through the use of word lists such as local street names or regional cities, a recognizer can greatly improve accuracy for certain input sections of the form.

Forms usually appear blank or nearly blank by default, so the most common operation in a forms application is adding text. The system's automatic targeting routes input to the proper control window without intervention by the application.

A writing window should appear automatically on the appropriate field if recognized text produces questionable results. Double-tapping should display a writing window, and the application should provide a lens (writing window) and on-screen keyboard accelerator buttons. It should also provide insertion-point action handles for selection.

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