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Specifies the characteristics of any guidelines used in the writing area.

typedef struct {

int xOrigin;

int yOrigin;

int cxBox;

int cyBox;

int cxBase;

int cyBase;

int cHorzBox;

int cVertBox;

int cyMid;




Position of left edge of the first box in screen coordinates.


Position of top edge of the first box in screen coordinates.


Width of each box in screen pixels.


Height of each box in screen pixels.


Margin to the guideline. This is one-half the distance in pixels between adjacent boxes.


Vertical distance in pixels from the baseline to the top of the box.


Number of columns of boxes.


Number of rows of boxes.


Distance in pixels from the baseline to the midline, or 0 if midline is not present.


If the application has drawn guidelines on the screen on which the user is expected to write, the application should set the values in the GUIDE structure to inform the recognizer. The GUIDE structure is for the recognizer's use only. Setting the GUIDE structure does not by itself draw any visual clues on the display. It is the responsibility of the application or the control to draw the visual clues. The appearance of a boxed edit control is determined by the BOXLAYOUT and GUIDE structures together.

The xOrigin and yOrigin members are screen coordinates of the top-left corner of the area to write in. The cyBox and cxBox members are the height and width of the individual boxes to write in. The cHorzBox and cVertBox members specify the number of columns and rows. cyBase specifies a baseline within the box. (Setting cyBase to 0 indicates no baseline.) The cxBase member gives a horizontal displacement of the edge of the guideline from the edge of the box where writing is expected to start.

If only horizontal lines are present, set cxBox to 0. In this case, only yOrigin, cyBox, cyBase, and cyMid are valid. A default GUIDE structure has all elements set to 0.

To establish a guide, initialize a GUIDE structure and set it into an HRC with the SetGuideHRC function. This also applies to a standard bedit, as demonstrated in "The bedit Control" in Chapter 3.

For boxed input, the GetBoxMappingHRCRESULT function returns an index to the box containing the requested input character. This is numbered in zero-based row-major order. In Figure 11.3 below, for example, the "h" character is in box 12.

For best recognition results, the pair-wise ratios of cxBox, cyBox, and cyBase should be similar to the default ratios.

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