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Queries the current default settings and fills an RC structure with the global values. In version 2.0 of the Pen API, RC is made obsolete by the HRC object.

Note This function is provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions.

UINT GetGlobalRC( LPRC lprc, LPSTR lpszDefRecog, LPSTR lpszDefDict, int cbDefDictMax )



Address of an RC structure. This parameter can be NULL.


Address of a character string in which the default recognizer module name is returned. This must be at least 128 bytes long. This parameter can be NULL.


Buffer in which the default dictionary path is returned. This path ends with two null characters. This parameter can be NULL.


Size of lpszDefDict buffer to be filled.

Return Value

Returns GGRC_OK if successful; otherwise, the return value may be one of the following values:

One or more invalid parameters were detected. The call to GetGlobalRC has no effect.
The size of the lpszDefDict buffer is not large enough to contain the entire dictionary path. The buffer is filled with as many complete dictionary module names as allowed by the size. The list is terminated by a null string.


fills the RC structure with global values. Values that have no default settingspics/PENAPI00090001.giffor example, the bounding rectanglepics/PENAPI00090001.gifare set to 0.

An application does not need to call this function to use the default values. When an application initializes an RC structure using InitRC, the system default values are set as the values for the structure members. This function returns the actual current values for RC members. The InitRC function returns the default values, which include placeholder values for some RC members.

See Also

, SetGlobalRC, RC

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