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This function retrieves information from an HPENDATA memory block. It is superseded by the GetPenDataAttributes function.

BOOL GetPenDataInfo( HPENDATA hpndt, LPPENDATAHEADER lppdh, LPPENINFO lppeninfo, DWORD dwReserved )



Handle to a pen data object that receives the pen data information.


Address of a PENDATAHEADER structure, or NULL if not required.


Address of a PENINFO structure, or NULL if not required.


Reserved for future use. Must be set to 0.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful. The return value is FALSE if invalid parameters are used, or if the handle to the pen data is invalid, or if the requested PENINFO does not exist in the pen data.


This function retrieves the header and pen information in the pen data memory block. If lppeninfo is not NULL and the pen data does not contain pen information, the contents of lppeninfo are not changed. The wPndts member in the PENDATAHEADER structure can be checked to see if the HPENDATA object has a PENINFO structure associated with it (a value of PTDS_NOPENINFO indicates not). The amount of data allocated is contained in the cbSizeUsed member of the PENDATAHEADER structure.

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