Sets the range of the marked conversion string. Submessage of WM_PENCTL. (Japanese version only.)





The low-order word contains the starting character position (not byte position) of the marked conversion string. The high-order word contains the ending character position plus 1.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if there are no errors; otherwise, returns FALSE.


Available for bedits only. If the starting character position is 0 and the ending char-acter position is pics/PENAPI00090000.gif1, all the text in the control becomes the marked conversion string. If the starting character is pics/PENAPI00090000.gif1, the marked conversion string area is removed. When characters are marked for conversion, the Input Method Editor is said to be in preconversion mode.

Returns FALSE if in conversion mode. If there is a selection, the selection will be cleared. The caret will be moved to the end of the marked conversion string.

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