HPENDATA Functions

This section introduces the Pen API functions that manipulate ink data in an HPENDATA object. The recognition functions described in the next chapter apply to a specific task pics/PENAPI00090001.gif the recognition of text. The HPENDATA functions, however, are not so easily summed up. They are building blocks for an infinite variety of tasks, according to the requirements and imagination of the developer. For this reason, the best introduction to the HPENDATA functions is a simple list of their capabilities.

The following subsections group the functions into six categories and provide a brief description of each function. These subsections serve only as an introduction to the HPE NDATA functions. For complete details about the functions, see the appropriate reference sections in Chapter 10, "Pen Application Programming Interface Functions." To see some of the HPENDATA functions in use, refer to the PENAPP sample program presented in Chapter 7, "A Sample Pen Application."

The six categories of the HPENDATA functions are:

  • Creating an HPENDATA object

  • Displaying ink data

  • Scaling ink data

  • Examining ink data

  • Editing or copying ink data

  • Compressing ink data

The order in which functions appear in the following lists reflects either a logical sequence of discussion or, where such criteria do not exist, simple alphabetic ordering. The order does not imply relative importance of the functions.

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