Sets the contents of an ink edit control.



Contains IESI_REPLACE to replace any existing control contents with the supplied ink, or IESI_APPEND to append the supplied ink to the existing contents of the ink edit control.


Contains a handle to pen data with which to initialize or reinitialize the contents of the control. If NULL, the contents of the control are cleared; any pen data in the control is discarded.

Return Value

Returns IER_OK if successful; otherwise, returns one of the following:

wParam or lParam is invalid.
A memory error occurred.
The control has security protection disallowing the operation.
Attempted to merge ink of incompatible scale factors.


The application can clear or change the contents of the control at any time with this function. During the creation of controls with existing contents, this message might be sent in response to the WM_CTLINIT message.

The HPENDATA handle becomes the property of the control; the application must make no further use of the handle if the message returns success. On a merge operation, the original HPENDATA is destroyed following a successful merge. If the result of IE_SETINK indicates there is no ink left in the control, the mode is reset to IEMODE_READY if the previous mode was either IEMODE_ERASE or IEMODE_LASSO. The corresponding IN_MODECHANGED notification is also sent at this time.

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