Improvements to the bedit Control

The bedit control of version 2.0 of the Pen API has been significantly improved over that of version 1.0. The improvements aim to make text entry more convenient and more intuitive for the user. The following list briefly describes the major improvements:

  • The current insertion point is now indicated by an action handle instead of the caret of version 1.0.

  • The user can select text by dragging the insertion point action handle. Selected text appears in reverse video.

  • The user can move selected text within the control window by dragging it to a new position.

  • Single-line bedit windows can automatically scroll horizontally when the user fills either of the last two visible boxes. The last character remains visible after the scroll to help orient the user. The control window also provides scroll arrows for horizontal scrolling.

  • A single tap near the center of a character displays a list of alternative characters determined by the recognizer. Double-tapping brings up a menu with a list of alternative words that can replace the entire word above the tap. The user selects a letter or complete word by tapping the menu selection.

  • As do other controls in Microsoft Windows 95, bedit controls now provide a context menu from which the user can cut or copy a selection, paste, insert, and so forth.

  • If the user inserts a carriage return in a line of a multiline bedit, text to the right of the carriage return automatically wraps to the next line.

  • Empty cells are marked with a light-gray dot to help distinguish them from spaces.

The EM_LIMITTEXT message has a slightly different effect on bedit controls in version 2.0 of the Pen API. In version 1.0, sending EM_LIMITTEXT to a bedit control window set the number of boxes in the control as specified by the message's wParam parameter. In version 2.0, EM_LIMITTEXT sets the maximum number of bytes of text the control can hold instead of the number of boxes. For more infor-mation about EM_LIMITTEXT, see "The bedit Control" in Chapter 3, "The Writing Process."

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