Improvements to the bedit Control

The final paragraph of this section has been changed.

Because Japanese and other Far Eastern languages may use double-byte characters, an application must specify double the number of bytes for EM_LIMITTEXT than applications expecting only single-byte characters (or halve the number of boxes). Note that even without explicitly limiting text with EM_LIMITTEXT, input into single-line, nonscrollable BEDIT controls is limited to the number of boxes available. For example, a 3-box postal code BEDIT allows only three characters, be they SBCS or DBCS. For more information about EM_LIMITTEXT, see "The bedit Control" in Chapter 3, "The Writing Process."

  • In the section "The RC Structure," the table following the second paragraph has been changed.

RC member
Equivalent service in Pen API 2.0
GetPenMiscInfo with PMI_USER. Cannot set new user in version 2.0.

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