Initializing and Closing a Recognizer

The recognition functions InitRecognizer and CloseRecognizer are obsolete in version 2.0 of the Pen API. In their place, two new subfunctions have been added to ConfigRecognizer. When the pen system loads a recognizer, it now calls ConfigRecognizer with the subfunction WCR_INITRECOGNIZER. In response to this call, the recognizer should perform the required initialization tasks formerly conducted by InitRecognizer.

Similarly, the system also calls ConfigRecognizer when it unloads the recognizer, this time with the subfunction WCR_CLOSERECOGNIZER. This call informs the recognizer it is being unloaded and it should conduct any required cleanup operations.

Applications based on version 2.0 do not call ConfigRecognizer. This is because the function has no argument that refers to a specific recognizer of the several that may be currently installed. Instead, version 2.0 applications call the new API function ConfigHREC to configure a recognizer or query for its capabilities. The system determines the intended recognizer and passes the call on to that recog-nizer's ConfigRecognizer function. Thus, a version 2.0 recognizer exports ConfigRecognizer, which an application accesses by calling ConfigHREC.

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