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Loads and initializes a specified recognizer.

HREC InstallRecognizer( LPSTR lpszRecogName )



Name of recognizer to load. If lpszRecogName is NULL, the default recognizer is loaded. (An application should not set lpszRecogName to NULL, because Windows automatically loads the default recognizer on initialization.)

Return Value

Returns a handle to a recognizer if successful; otherwise, returns NULL.


The recognizer's name is the name of the DLL to be loaded. Windows searches for the recognizer file according to the standard rules for searching for a DLLpics/PENAPI00090001.gifthat is, it first searches the current directory, then the Windows directory, the system subdirectory, the PATH directories, and so forth. The procedure fails if the library cannot be found, the load fails, or the loaded DLL is not a valid recognizer. The recognizer may decline to load if it requires hardware information such as pen pressure that the pen device cannot provide.

An application should not load the default recognizer. All recognizers installed by an application must be uninstalled by a call to UninstallRecognizer before the application terminates.

After loading a recognizer library, the system calls the recognizer's ConfigRecognizer function with the subfunction WCR_INITRECOGNIZER.

An application can load a recognizer with a call to LoadLibrary instead of InstallRecognizer. However, the application must first link with an import library derived from the recognizer DLL. The recognizer's import library must appear in the library section of the LINK command line before PENWIN.LIB. This forces the application's calls to pass directly to the recognizer's exported recognition functions instead of the system.

This procedure may facilitate debugging the recognizer, but otherwise serves no purpose. It prevents use of other recognizers, including the system default recognizer. For a discussion of import libraries, refer to the section on the IMPLIB utility described in the Environment and Tools manual of the Microsoft VisualC++ documentation.

See Also

, ConfigHREC, UninstallRecognizer

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