This book is divided into the following chapters and appendixes.

Chapter or appendix
Chapter 1, Overview of the Pen Application Programming Interface
Architecture of the Pen API.
Chapter 2, Starting Out with System Defaults
How to add pen functionality to an application with a minimum of programming effort.
Chapter 3, The Writing Process
How an application gets input from a pen device.
Chapter 4, The Inking Process
How an application collects and changes pen input data.
Chapter 5, The Recognition Process
Converting raw pen input into usable characters such as letters and numerals.
Chapter 6, Design Considerations
Proper techniques, warnings, and tips for writing a pen-based application.
Chapter 7, A Sample Pen Application
The PENAPP.C sample application, to illustrate the information in Chapters 1 through 6.
Chapter 8, Writing a Recognizer
The requirements and design of a recognizer. Illustrates information using the sample recognizer SREC.C as a model.
Chapter 9, Summary of the Pen Application Programming Interface
Pen API services, listed by category.
Chapter 10, Pen Application Programming Interface Functions
Functions, listed alphabetically.
Chapter 11, Pen Application Programming Interface Structures
Structures, listed alphabetically.
Chapter 12, Pen Application Programming Interface Messages
Messages, listed alphabetically.
Chapter 13, Pen Application Programming Interface Constants
Constants, listed alphabetically.
Appendix A, Differences Between Versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the Pen Application Programming Interface
Changes and improvements to the Pen API.
Appendix B, Using the 32-Bit Pen Application Programming Interface
How to write 32-bit pen-based applications.
Appendix C, Modifying the SYSTEM.INI File
Settings used in Windows SYSTEM.INI.
Appendix D, Accessing the Pen Device Driver
How an application calls the pen driver.
Pen-based terms.

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