Overview of PENAPP

PENAPP is a standard pen-based application with the familiar Windows look. It displays a main window with a border, an application menu, and Minimize and Maximize buttons. It also has three child windows titled Input, Info, and Raw Data.

In operation, PENAPP accepts pen input through the Input child window. Depending on the menu option, PENAPP sends the input to the system recognizer or the sample custom recognizer SREC, or collects the data into an HPENDATA object to create a mirror image of the ink.

The output from the recognizers is displayed through the Raw Data and Info child windows. The Raw Data child window redisplays the raw input data, sized for the smaller window. The Info child window displays one of the following, depending on the current menu selection:

  • If the selected recognizer is the system recognizer, the Info child window displays the recognized ANSI text.

  • If the selected recognizer is the sample custom recognizer, the Info child window displays an arrow indicating the compass direction of the input stroke. If the pen rests on the tablet surface without moving, the Info window displays a single dot.

  • If the Mirror option is selected, the Info window displays a mirror image of the drawing.

In this chapter, PENAPP function and variable names appear in monospace font, including the application's entry function, WinMain. In keeping with the conventions of the rest of the book, API elements are styled bold.

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