Fills an INKINGINFO structure. Submessage of WM_PENEVENT.





Address of an INKINGINFO structure, which is initialized with default values.

Return Value

The targeted windows in the application should return 1 to customize inking information. A return value of 0 results in default inking behavior.


Before beginning default pen input, Windows sends PE_GETINKINGINFO to all the windows specified by the htrgTarget member of the TARGET structure. (The TARGET structure is part of the TARGINFO structure created during processing of the earlier PE_SETTARGETS messages.)

The default values are the same as those used when StartInking is called with lpinkinginfo set to NULL, but the PII_SAVEBACKGROUND flag is forced on in the wFlags member of the INKINGINFO structure to automatically save and restore the inking background.

The hrgnClip member of the INKINGINFO structure temporarily contains the index of the target in the TARGINFO structure retrieved by the PE_SETTARGETS message. Note that this is an overloading of this member to identify the targets. If the htrgTarget window specified in the TARGET structure returns 1 to this message, the following actions are taken:

  • If both the PII_INKPENTIP and PII_RECTCLIP flags are set, the pen tip specified by the tip member of the INKINGINFO structure is saved and used whenever the pen goes down within the area defined by the rectClip member. In most cases, the ink color changes at or near the clipping boundary, even when the pen is dragged over it. Because inking is done on a per-segment basis, there may be a slight overlap of color near a common boundary.

  • If the width given in the tip member is 0, no ink will appear within the area specified by the rectClip member. Password fields can be implemented using this technique.

  • If the PII_SAVEBACKGROUND flag is clear (0), any ink dropped within the area specified by the rectClip member is not removed at the termination of the collection. The ink edit control, for example, uses this technique. However, the parent window can override this default behavior when it finally receives a PE_GETINKINGINFO message after all its targets have been called.

  • If the PII_INKSTOP flag is set, the rectInkStop member is folded into the region specified by the hrgnInkStop member, which is used in calls to the StartInking function. When inking stops due to a pen-down event in the rectInkStop rectangle, a WM_PENMISC message with the PMSC_INKSTOP submessage is sent to the window specified by the htrgTarget member of the TARGET structure. lParam is the same as in the PE_PENDOWN message that caused the inking to stop. As with PII_SAVEBACKGROUND, hwnd can override the preprocessed values accumulated by the targets.

For further information about PE_GETINKINGINFO, see Chapter 2, "Starting Out with System Defaults."

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