Generated by the pen driver component of the system when the pen moves, forcing more packets into the input queue. Submessage of WM_PENEVENT.





Extra information encapsulating a reference to the event and the HPCM that generated it. Applications can use the EventRefFromWpLp and HpcmFromWpLp macros to retrieve these values.


This message is analogous to WM_MOUSEMOVE. It provides notification that the pen is moving. Like its mouse counterpart, PE_PENMOVE messages are coalesced so that only a single such message exists in the application's message queue. How-ever, the event the message represents is the first of these coalesced events, not the last event, as is the case with WM_MOUSEMOVE.

An application need not handle this message if transition events like PE_PENUP and PE_PENDOWN are sufficient notification. PE_PENMOVE is useful when an application must monitor pen movement with greater frequency than PE_PENUP or PE_PENDOWN allows.

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