During the processing of the PE_ENDDATA submessage, sent to all windows specified by the htrgTarget member of the TARGET structure that have received a PE_BEGINDATA message. PE_RESULT applies only to recognition and is sent only if the value in the dwData member of the TARGET structure is of type HRC. Submessage of WM_PENEVENT.





HRC object for the recognition session.


A target can perform recognition-result processing in response to PE_RESULT. If it receives this message, the Windows DefWindowProc function performs default result processing. The first HRCRESULT object for the HRC is obtained using the GetResultsHRC function. The HRCRESULT handle is used to retrieve a string of symbols that are converted, one by one, into characters. The characters are then posted as WM_CHAR messages to the window specified by the htrgTarget member of the TARGET structure.

The clear, cut, copy, paste, and undo gestures are converted to WM_CLEAR, WM_CUT, WM_COPY, WM_PASTE, and WM_UNDO messages. They are posted to the htrgTarget target, together with appropriate mouse messages, so that the target can perform appropriate processing (such as selection) before applying the gestures.

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