PMI_ Pen Miscellaneous Information

The PMI_ values are used as arguments for the GetPenMiscInfo and SetPenMiscInfo functions. The WM_PENMISCINFO message also uses PMI_ values in its wParam parameter.

The following table describes the PMI_ values:

Boxed edit information.
Width of tablet (in units of 0.001 inch) if present, else the width of the screen.
Height of tablet (in units of 0.001 inch) if present, else the height of the screen.
Flags describing whether certain Pen API features are enabled. The flags can be a combination of the following values:
PWE_AUTOWRITE Enable pen functionality where the I-Beam cursor is present.
PWE_ACTIONHANDLES Enable action handles in controls.
PWE_INPUTCURSOR Show cursor while writing.
PWE_LENS Enable pop-up letter guides (that is, the lens).
A standard RGB pen-tip color value from 0 to 0xFFFFFF.
Address of current pen-tip structure.
An integer index from 0 to 15 for the standard pen-tip color table.
Save settings to file.
Flags describing which pen system components are loaded. The flags can be a combination of the following values:
PWF_RC1 Support available for Pen API version 1.0 Recognition Context (RC) and associated functions.
PWF_PEN Pen/tablet hardware is present.
PWF_INKDISPLAY Ink-compatible display driver is present.
PWF_RECOGNIZER System recognizer is present.
PWF_BEDIT Boxed edit (bedit) control is available.
PWF_HEDIT Handwriting edit (hedit) control is available.
PWF_IEDIT Ink edit (iedit) control is available.
PWF_ENHANCED Enhanced features, including gesture support and 1 millisecond timing, are available.
PWF_FULL All components listed above are present.
Handle to system recognizer, if present.
Absolute reference time that the system uses to calculate time-stamps for strokes in pen data objects and inksets.
Time-out value to end handwriting input, in milliseconds.
Time-out value to end a gesture, in milliseconds.
Time-out value in milliseconds for press-and-hold gesture. The range of permissible values is 0 to 5000. If press-and-hold has been disabled, this value is 65,535.

For additional information, see the entries for the GetPenMiscInfo and SetPenMiscInfo functions in Chapter 10, "Pen Application Programming Interface Functions."

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