Pen Edit Controls

The Pen API provides three different edit controls for pen input pics/PENAPI00090001.gif the handwriting edit (hedit ), boxed edit (bedit), and ink edit (iedit) controls. (The first letter of the control name is pronounced separately, as in "h-edit.")

The first two controls are designed for text input. Characters written in an hedit or bedit control are passed to one or more recognizers and interpreted as equivalent digital text. Usually, the interpreted text replaces the handwritten glyphs within the control window after the recognition finishes. The iedit control serves as a drawing area. With the exception of gestures, the iedit control does not attempt to recognize written input but merely preserves the pen data in its raw form.

An application creates a pen edit control through the Windows CreateWindow function, specifying a class of HEDIT, BEDIT, or IEDIT. The next three sections describe the pen edit controls in detail and provide examples of how to create them.

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