RCD_ Writing Direction

RCD_ values are used in the wRcDirect member of the global RC structure. The RC structure is passed to a version 1.0 recognizer in the lpRC argument of InitRC and informs the recognizer of the writing direction. To set the writing direction differently than the default direction, call SetGlobalRC with the desired RCD_ value in wRcDirect.

RCD_ constants are provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions.

The writing direction consists of both primary and secondary directions. For example, English is written from left to right (primary) and then down the page (secondary). Chinese is often written from the top down (primary) and then right to left across the page (secondary).

The high byte of the direction indicates primary direction; the low byte indicates secondary direction. A recognizer can choose to ignore this word and support only the natural direction of the given language. The default value is determined by the recognizer.

The following table lists the RCD_ values:

Default value.
Bottom to top.
Left to right.
Right to left.
Top to bottom.


For example, the value for standard English writing direction is defined as follows:

#define wRcDirectRoman ((RCD_LR<<8) | RCD_TB)

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