The RawWndProc function is a standard Windows procedure for the Raw Data child window. It calls the DrawRawData function to draw a copy of the input resized for the Raw Data window. Normal pen-down strokes appear in the current window color; pen-up strokes appear in blue. Note that the system recognizer GRECO.DLL does not collect pen-up strokes. Therefore, the blue pen-up strokes do not appear when default recognition is selected from the menu.

DrawRawData calls the DrawPenDataEx function to display the strokes. Since DrawPenDataEx does not show pen-up strokes, DrawRawData first changes all pen-up strokes to pen-down strokes. The following fragment illustrates this:

VOID DrawRawData( HDC hdc )


PENDATAHEADER pendataheader; // Header for vhpendata

HPEN hpenUp, hpenSave; // GDI pen for up-strokes

UINT fPen; // Pen flag

UINT iStroke=0; // Stroke counter

int nWidth; // Ink width




if ( !GetPenDataInfo( vhpendata, &pendataheader, NULL, 0 ))


nWidth = NSetExtents (hdc, &pendataheader, &rectWnd );

hpenUp = CreatePen( PS_SOLID, nWidth, rgbBlue );

hpenSave = SelectObject( hdc, hpenUp );

// Loop for each stroke, beginning with first

for (iStroke = 0; iStroke < pendataheader.cStrokes; ++iStroke)



// If down stroke, use same ink characteristics as original.

// If up stroke, first call SetStrokeAttributes to convert it

// to a down stroke, then draw it in blue ink with GDI pen.


if (GetStrokeAttributes(vhpendata, iStroke, NULL, GSA_DOWN))




SetStrokeAttributes( vhpendata, iStroke, 1, SSA_DOWN );



iRet = DrawPenDataEx(hdc, NULL, vhpendata, iStroke, iStroke,

0, IX_END, NULL, NULL, fPen );

// Set altered strokes back to their original pen-up state

if (fPen == DPD_HDCPEN)

SetStrokeAttributes( vhpendata, iStroke, 0, SSA_DOWN );


SelectObject( hdc, hpenSave );

DeleteObject( hpenUp );



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