Real Time Is Better Than Deferred Time

Deferred recognition offers the seductive advantages of speed and instantaneous response. By collecting ink without pausing to recognize it, an application can easily keep up with rapid pen movements. The input can be recognized later when requested by the user, or perhaps during periods of user inactivity.

However, Microsoft tests have demonstrated that the accuracy of deferred recognition often compares unfavorably to real-time recognition. This has nothing to do with the recognizers, since they apply the same processing procedures to the data regardless of when the ink is collected. The discrepancy arises from the fact that people tend to write more carelessly if not continually informed about the recognizer's success rate.

By seeing the recognition results as they write, users naturally adapt their writing speed and style to assure the greatest recognition accuracy. Although in theory the user should train the recognizer, to a certain extent the reverse undeniably occurs.

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