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Converts the data in an HPENDATA object to recognized symbols.

Note This function is provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions.

REC RecognizeData( LPRC lprc, HPENDATA hpndt )



Address of an RC structure.


Handle to an HPENDATA object.

Return Value

Returns REC_DONE if successful, or an REC_ error code if an error occurs.


recognizes data in an HPENDATA object and returns the results to the window specified in the RC structure. RecognizeData is similar to Recognize. The difference is that in RecognizeData, the input data comes from a buffer of points already collected instead of from the tablet driver. Members pertaining to the end of recognition in the RC structure are ignored.

RecognizeData can return REC_BUSY if the recognizer is not reentrant. A recognizer is not guaranteed to return the same results for identical input. This is because persistent states, such as the current average size of writing or the position of the baseline, can affect recognition results. In addition, training may change the prototypes against which the data is being compared.

RecognizeData attempts to convert the pen data to PDTS_STANDARDSCALE if it is not already in standard scale. If the conversion fails (for example, because the data was in an application-specific scale PDTS_ARBITRARY), the data is still passed to the recognizer. A recognizer may return an error code (REC_BADHPENDATA) for data in a scale it cannot handle.

See Also

, Recognize, GetPenHwEventData, RC, REC_, PDTS_

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