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Scales ink in an HPENDATA object into an arbitrarily sized rectangle.

BOOL ResizePenData( HPENDATA hpndt, LPRECT lprect )



Handle to a pen data object.


Address of a bounding rectangle, or NULL.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful; otherwise, the return value is FALSE.


This function changes the physical size of the object without changing the meaning of the measurements. Use the MetricScalePenData function to convert the data to one of the supported metric modes of measurement.

ResizePenData physically resizes the data in hpndt to the bounding rectangle dimensions given by the lprect parameter. Data from hpndt is mapped to the new rectangle. If lprect is NULL, this function recalculates the bounding rectangle (the rectBound member in the PENDATAHEADER structure). For example, consider the case of pen data with PDTS_HIMETRIC scaling bounded by the square (500, 600, 1500, 1600). To double the size, set lprect to (500, 600, 2500, 2600).

See Also

, MetricScalePenData, PDTS_

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