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The ResultsHookHREC function is an application-defined callback function that provides the application with the opportunity to view all recognition results before they are returned to the application. The name ResultsHookHREC is a placeholder; the function can have any name.

BOOL CALLBACK ResultsHookHREC( HREC hrec, HRC hrc, WORD wHooktype, UINT cResults, UINT cAlt, LPVOID rgresults )



Module handle of the recognizer library whose results are being hooked.


Handle to the HRC object for the recognizer that hrec refers to.


Type of hook. This can be one of the following values:


Standard results generated by GetResultsHRC.


Boxed results generated by GetBoxResultsHRC.


Count of results available.


Count of box alternatives. This is valid only if wHooktype is RHH_BOX.


An array of result objects. The object type depends on wHooktype. If RHH_STD, rgresults should be cast as LPHRCRESULT and the array receives cResults HRCRESULT objects. If RHH_BOX, rgresults should be cast as LPBOXRESULTS and the array receives cResults BOXRESULTS structures.

Return Value

The application hook function should return TRUE to indicate that it has processed the data and that the recognizer should do no further processing. In this case, it is the application's responsibility to destroy the results and inksets, if any; otherwise, the hook function should return FALSE.

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