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The SYC symbol correspondence structure is best described in context with the SYG symbol graph and SYE symbol element structures. For a description of the SYC structure, see the entry for SYG below.

The SYC structure is provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions.

A single shape can be identified by one or more SYC structures.

typedef struct {

UINT wStrokeFirst;

UINT wPntFirst;

UINT wStrokeLast;

UINT wPntLast;

BOOL fLastSyc;

} SYC;



Index number of the first stroke of the correspondence.


Index number of the first point in the stroke identified by wStrokeFirst.


Index number of the last stroke of the correspondence.


Index number of the last point in the stroke identified by wStrokeLast.


TRUE if there are no more SYC structures for the current SYE (symbol element).


All indexes are zero-based, so that an index of 0 indicates the first of a sequence.

Figure 11.6 illustrates the relationship of symbol values and symbol graphs. The first line shows that a symbol value is a single SYE symbol element. A series of symbol values can be connected by the SYV_OR value to create an OR string, as the second line illustrates. This OR string begins with the SYV_BEGINOR value and ends with a symbol value followed by SYV_ENDOR. The third line shows a symbol graph that is simply a symbol value or an OR string, in either case ending with the SYV_NULL value.

See Also

, TrainContext, SYV_

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