SYV_ Symbol Values

Each glyph a recognizer can identify has an associated symbol value. It is this value that is returned to the application by the recognizer.

The high-order and low-order words of a symbol value have the following meanings:

High-order word
Low-order word
System symbols.

ANSI character code.


Shift character codes (kanji).



Virtual keys.
  1. 0x7EFF
Reserved for future use.
Recognizer-specific symbols.
Character code for given code page. The low 15 bits of the high-order word indicate the code page.

Recognizers for the European market should return symbol values using ANSI and gesture symbol values (ANSI is the native character set for Windows in the European market). For the Japanese market, recognizers can use Shift JIS Level 1 and gestures. When writing a recognizer, bear in mind that symbol values outside these ranges cannot be interpreted by all Windows applications.

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