Specifies which alphabet should be used in an HRC object.

int SetAlphabetHRC( HRC hrc, ALC alc, LPBYTE rgbfAlc )



Handle to the HRC object.


Alphabet. This value is one or more ALC_ values combined using the bitwise-OR operator.


Array of bits if alc contains ALC_USEBITMAP; otherwise, it can be NULL.

Return Value

Returns HRCR_OK if successful; otherwise, returns one of the following negative values:

Invalid parameter or other error.
Insufficient memory.
The recognizer does not support this function.


Some recognizers may not support ALC_ values and alphabet priorities. An application should check for HRCR_UNSUPPORTED when using this function.

The following values may require Japanese, wide-character, or recognizer-specific support: ALC_DBCS, ALC_JIS1, ALC_KANJI, ALC_OEM, ALC_HIRAGANA, and ALC_KATAKANA. In addition, ALC_RESERVED is reserved for future use and is ignored. Recognizers, such as the Microsoft Handwriting Recognizer (GRECO.DLL) for default American English, can return HRCR_OK even if some of these values are set.

The size of the rgbfAlc array, if used, must be large enough to accommodate 256 bits (32 bytes). If the nth bit is set, then the nth ANSI character is recognizable. Bits representing characters less than 32 (space) currently have no meaning.

The ALC_GESTURE value is ignored, even if it is part of the alc parameter. See EnableGestureSetHRC.

For a description of alphabets and their relationship to a recognizer, see "Configuring the HRC" in Chapter 5, "The Recognition Process." For a list of alphabet codes, see Chapter 13, "Pen API Constants."

See Also

, GetAlphabetHRC

SetAlphabetPriorityHRC, ALC_

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