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SetPenHookCallback represents the name of the callback function that the lpfn argument of SetPenHook points to. An application can use any name.

BOOL lpfn SetPenHookCallback( LPPENPACKET lppp )



Far pointer to the most recent pen packet received from the pen driver.

Return Value

Returns TRUE to continue processing, FALSE to cancel pen packet.


For a definition of pen packet, see the description for SetPenHook.

At each interrupt, the system adds the latest packet from the pen driver to an internal queue. It then calls the application's SetPenHookCallback callback function, providing it with a pointer to the latest packet in the queue. This enables the callback function to examine, modify, or cancel each pen packet as it arrives from the pen driver.

To get the pen packet data from a version 2.0 pen driver, defined as OEM_PENPACKET, simply cast the LPPENPACKET value passed into this function to the type LPOEM_PENPACKET. The pen services detect the pen driver version automatically and return the correct data pen packet data type.

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