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Converts an array of SYV_ symbol values to an ANSI string.

BOOL SymbolToCharacter( LPSYV lpsyv, int cSyv, LPSTR lpstr, LPINT lpnConv )



Address of the array of SYV_ symbol values.


Count of symbols in the lpsyv array, including the terminating SYV_NULL.


Address of a buffer that receives the ANSI string. The buffer should be large enough to hold at least cSyv number of ANSI characters (including SYV_NULL).


If not NULL, lpnConv contains the number of symbols converted when the function returns. If NULL, this parameter is ignored.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful. If one or more symbols cannot be converted to ANSI, the return value is FALSE.


For ANSI characters, the size of the lpstr buffer must be at least cSyv bytes. For double-byte characters (kanji, for example), the buffer size must be at least (2 * cSyv) bytes. The SymbolToCharacter function converts at most cSyv symbol values from lpsyv and places the equivalent ANSI characters in the lpstr buffer. The conversion proceeds until an SYV_NULL value is encountered or until cSyv symbols have been converted. An SYV_NULL is converted to 0. The actual number of symbols converted is returned in lpnConv if lpnConv is not NULL.

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