The RCRESULT Structure

The RCRESULT structure provides the means for a version 1.0 recognizer to communicate results to the application. When the recognizer finishes its work, the application receives a WM_RCRESULT message containing a pointer to an RCRESULT structure. It then reads the recognizer's guesses from the structure.

In version 2.0, the RCRESULT structure is made obsolete by the HRCRESULT object. Although they have similar names, do not confuse the two or attempt to draw parallels between them. The HRCRESULT contains the recognizer's results in a format determined by the recognizer. This format most likely has nothing to do with RCRESULT. The application simply calls into the recognizer for recognition results.

For complete descriptions of the version 2.0 recognition functions, see Chapters 5 and 8 and the reference entries in Chapter 10.

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