Posted to all top-level windows whenever a pen system change is made.



PMI_ value that identifies the system change.


New value, depending on wParam.


This message is broadcast to all top-level windows whenever a new global pen default is set by a call to the SetPenMiscInfo function. (Control Panel is the principal source of these changes.) A series of WM_PENMISCINFO broadcasts is typically made after a Control Panel application is closed.

In version 2.0 of the Pen API, the message parameters have been defined and the name of this message has been changed from WM_GLOBALRCCHANGE to WM_PENMISCINFO, although the value is the same for compatibility with version 1.0. The wParam and lParam parameters are the same as the parameter values provided to the SetPenMiscInfo function.

For version 1.0 compatibility, a call to the SetGlobalRC function also causes a posted broadcast of this message to all top-level windows, but the parameters are both 0. PMI_RCCHANGE may be used as an alias for 0 for wParam; however, PMI_RCCHANGE is not a valid parameter to GetPenMiscInfo or SetPenMiscInfo.

See Also

, GetPenMiscInfo, SetGlobalRC, PMI_

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