Word Lists

A word list acts as a broad alphabet set. A list consists of valid words that can influence the confidence a recognizer places in a guess. After guessing at a word (or phrase), a recognizer can search for the guess in one or more word lists. Locating a guess in a word list helps verify the validity of the guess.

A word list can consist of a small group of words permanently stored in the recognizer's data segment. Often, however, the words reside in an accompanying file that the recognizer reads as required. A word list file should be in standard ANSI text format, one word per line, with each line ending in a carriage return and linefeed. This allows the user to emend the files, if necessary, with a text editor.

A recognizer that uses word lists should export the ReadHWL and WriteHWL functions. These functions read and write standard word list files, enabling an application to move words directly between a file and an HWL object.

The table below lists the exported functions for a recognizer that uses word lists.

Adds a specified collection of words to an existing word list in memory.
Creates a word list in memory, either empty or containing a given list of words.
Destroys a word list, invalidating the handle.
Retrieves the current degree of influence a word list or the system dictionary has on the confidence level of a guess.
Retrieves a word list from the HRC object.
Reads from a file into an empty word list. The words must be in ANSI text format, one word per line, each line ending with a carriage return and linefeed.
Specifies the influence a word list or the system dictionary should exert on the confidence level of a guess.
Sets a word list into the HRC object.
Writes from a word list to a file. The words are written as ANSI text, one word per line.

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