Word Lists and Dictionaries

Word lists are new to version 2.0. An application can select from among any number of word lists to help a recognizer verify its guesses. Word-list files must have standard text formatting to allow users to create or modify them with a text editor, but otherwise have no restrictions in size or content.

Dictionaries existed in version 1.0 as DLL files. In version 2.0, a dictionary serves a recognizer invisibly as a large word list. The application has no access to a dic-tionary except to tell the recognizer whether or not to use one. Dictionary files can have any format, but are usually compressed in some manner private to the recog-nizer.

A dictionary is thus a private (and optional) tool of a recognizer. The "system" in the name EnableSystemDictionaryHRC does not refer to the operating system, but simply emphasizes ownership. In this case, "system" means "not application."

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