Word Processor

Although the pen does not serve well to create a word-processor document, it can do so for small editing tasks on existing documents, such as for cut-and-paste operations, formatting changes, rewriting small amounts of text, and navigation (scrolling). Thus, the pen in a word-processing application should behave as a pointing device most of the time. The user should be able to select text by dragging the pen and the selection should include an action handle. Double-tapping should display a writing window, as should an "edit" command on a selection action handle. Consider also providing an insertion-point action handle, including an "insert text" command.

When the user creates a new blank document, the application should automatically display an editing window because the user clearly intends to enter new text. For existing documents, the application should provide a means for annotating the text, either by inserting scribble notes (like Post-it™ notes) or by inking directly on top of the text.

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