The gethostname function

The WSAServiceLookupBegin query uses SVCID_HOSTNAME as the service class GUID. If lpszServiceInstanceName is NULL or references a NULL string (that is . ""), the local host is to be resolved. Otherwise, a lookup on a specified host name shall occur. For the purposes of emulating gethostname the WS2_32.DLL will specify a null pointer for lpszServiceInstanceName, and specify LUP_RETURN_NAME so that the host name is returned in the lpszServiceInstanceName field. If an application uses this query and specifies LUP_RETURN_ADDR then the host address will be provided in a CSADDR_INFO struct. The LUP_RETURN_BLOB action is undefined for this query. Port information will be defaulted to zero unless the lpszQueryString references a service such as "ftp", in which case the complete transport address of the indicated service will be supplied.

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