The getservbyname and getservbyport functions

The WSAServiceLookupBegin query uses SVCID_INET_SERVICEBYNAME as the service class GUID. The lpszServiceInstanceName field references a string which indicates the service name or service port, and (optionally) the service protocol. The formatting of the string is illustrated as "ftp/tcp" or "21/tcp" or just "ftp". The string is not case sensitive. The slash mark, if present, separates the protocol identifier from the preceding part of the string. The WS2_32.DLL will specify LUP_RETURN_BLOB and the NSP will place a servent struct in the blob (using offsets instead of pointers as described above). NSPs should honor these other LUP_RETURN_* flags as well:

return the s_name field from servent struct in lpszServiceInstanceName.
return canonical GUID in lpServiceClassId It is understood that a service identified either as "ftp" or "21" may in fact be on some other port according to locally established conventions. The s_port field of the servent structure should indicate where the service can be contacted in the local environment. The canonical GUID returned when LUP_RETURN_TYPE is set should be one of the predefined GUIDs from svcs.h that corresponds to the port number indicated in the servent structure.

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