The Windows Sockets WSAEnumNameSpaceProviders function retrieves information about available name spaces.

INT WSAAPI WSAEnumNameSpaceProviders (

LPDWORD lpdwBufferLength,





[in/out] On input, the number of bytes contained in the buffer pointed to by lpnspBuffer. On output (if the function fails, and the error is WSAEFAULT), the minimum number of bytes to pass for the lpnspBuffer to retrieve all the requested information. The passed-in buffer must be sufficient to hold all of the name space information.


[out] A buffer which is filled with WSANAMESPACE_INFO structuresdescribed below. The returned structures are located consecutively at the head of the buffer. Variable sized information referenced by pointers in the structures point to locations within the buffer located between the end of the fixed sized structures and the end of the buffer. The number of structures filled in is the return value of WSAEnumNameSpaceProviders.

Return Values

returns the number of WSANAMESPACE_INFO structures copied into lpnspBuffer. Otherwise, the value SOCKET_ERROR is returned, and a specific error number may be retrieved by calling WSAGetLastError.

Error Codes

the buffer length was too small to receive all the relevant WSANAMESPACE_INFO structures and associated information. Pass in a buffer at least as large as the value returned in lpdwBufferLength.
The Windows Sockets 2 DLL has not been initialized. The application must first call WSAStartup before calling any Windows Sockets functions.

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