The Windows Sockets WSAGetServiceClassInfo function retrieves all of the class information (schema) pertaining to a specified service class from a specified name space provider.

INT WSAGetServiceClassInfo(

LPGUID lpProviderId,

LPGUID lpServiceClassId,

LPDWORD lpdwBufSize,





[in] Pointer to a GUID which identifies a specific name space provider


[in] Pointer to a GUID identifying the service class in question


[in/out] On input, the number of bytes contained in the buffer pointed to by lpServiceClassInfos. On output, if the function fails and the error is WSAEFAULT, then it contains the minimum number of bytes to pass for the lpServiceClassInfo to retrieve the record.


[out] Returns service class information from the indicated name space provider for the specified service class.


The service class information retrieved from a particular name space provider may not necessarily be the complete set of class information that was supplied when the service class was installed. Individual name space providers are only required to retain service class information that is applicable to the name spaces that they support. See section Service Class Data Structures for more information.

Return Values

The return value is zero if the operation was successful. Otherwise, the value SOCKET_ERROR is returned, and a specific error number may be retrieved by calling WSAGetLastError.

Error Codes

The buffer referenced by lpServiceClassInfo is too small. Pass in a larger buffer.
the specified service class ID or name space provider ID is invalid.
The Windows Sockets 2 DLL has not been initialized. The application must first call WSAStartup before calling any Windows Sockets functions.

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