The Windows Sockets gethostname function returns the standard host name for the local machine.

int gethostname (

char FAR * name,

int namelen




[out] A pointer to a buffer that will receive the host name.


[in] The length of the buffer.


This routine returns the name of the local host into the buffer specified by the name parameter. The host name is returned as a null-terminated string. The form of the host name is dependent on the Windows Sockets provider pics/SOCK200090000.gif it can be a simple host name, or it can be a fully qualified domain name. However, it is guaranteed that the name returned will be successfully parsed by gethostbyname and WSAAsyncGetHostByName.

Note If no local host name has been configured gethostname must succeed and return a token host name that gethostbyname or WSAAsyncGetHostByName can resolve.

Return Values

If no error occurs, gethostname returns zero. Otherwise, it returns SOCKET_ERROR and a specific error code can be retrieved by calling WSAGetLastError.

Error Codes

The name argument is not a valid part of the user address space, or the buffer size specified by namelen argument is too small to hold the complete host name.
A successful WSAStartup must occur before using this function.
The network subsystem has failed.
A blocking Windows Sockets 1.1 call is in progress, or the service provider is still processing a callback function.

See Also

, WSAAsyncGetHostByName

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